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Planning Meeting Meet with one of our experts to strategize the podcast and develop your marketing plan.
Podcast Setup Leverage the expertise of our podcast specialists, who have successfully managed more than 20 podcasts, to create your very own unique podcast brand. First Month First Month First Month
Dedicated Podcast Website/ Webpage Our team of experts will handle creating and maintaining your personalized podcast website. You have the option to have it as a separate domain or a subdomain of your main website. Should you choose to publish any pages, we will provide the necessary assistance throughout the process. First Month First Month First Month
Podcast Recording & Publishing We will assist your guests in booking the recording sessions. Additionally, we take care of the editing process and facilitate publishing your podcast on popular podcast platforms. Monthly Every two Weeks Weekly
Podcast Marketing Unlock the power of podcast marketing to captivate your audience, amplify your brand message, and establish a loyal following through our specialized services of high quality graphics and videos. (Social media post graphics, infographics, promotional videos, IG reels) Monthly Every two Weeks Weekly
Video Clips & Graphics Gain high-quality videos and captivating graphics to enhance your marketing efforts in multiple platforms Monthly Every two Weeks Weekly
YouTube Marketing Elevate your brand presence and reach a global audience with the immense potential of YouTube marketing, driving engagement and subscribers and unlocking new opportunities for growth. Every two Weeks Weekly
Blog Marketing Harness the power of blog marketing to connect with your target audience, drive organic traffic, and establish your brand in the industry. Every two Weeks Weekly
Reddit Marketing Tap into the vibrant community of Reddit to amplify your brand, spark meaningful conversations, and connect with passionate individuals who can become your most loyal advocates. Every two Weeks Weekly
LinkedIn Marketing (if you are a B2B business) Unlock the power of LinkedIn marketing to forge valuable B2B connections, showcase your expertise, and propel your business growth in the professional world. Every two Weeks Weekly
Instagram Marketing (if you are a B2C business) Harness the creative potential of Instagram marketing to captivate audiences with visually stunning content, drive engagement, and unlock new levels of brand recognition and viral reach. Every two Weeks Weekly
Twitter Marketing Leverage the real-time power of Twitter marketing to join trending conversations, engage with your audience, and amplify your brand's voice to a vast community of influencers and potential customers. Every two Weeks Weekly
Email and or Text List Building / Marketing Build a robust email and text list to establish direct connections with your audience, deliver personalized messages, and drive conversions with targeted marketing campaigns. Every two Weeks Weekly
Quarterly review meetings to discuss statistics, and progress At our quarterly review meetings, we dive deep into statistics, track progress, and unlock insights that propel your success to new heights.
Call Tracking & Lead Tracking Maximize your marketing ROI with our Call Tracking (no call recording) and Lead Tracking solutions, ensuring every lead is accounted for, and every opportunity is optimized.
Flexible meetings with access to the latest tools Book 30-minute meetings conveniently to make tweaks on the go with our Book Meeting Tool and Text Communications, ensuring seamless collaboration and efficient communication.
Monthly Analytics Report Gain valuable insights and track your progress with our Monthly Analytics Report, empowering data-driven decision making for your tech business.
Contract Term You will be required to sign a one-year contract for the first year of service.
Hours Invested Average monthly hours invested on your behalf 20 hours a month 40 hours a month 70 hours a month
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